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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring pictures of what I want ?
Hairdressers are very visual and the Flavr team love you to bring pictures of the looks you are wanting to achieve. We also have pictures in the salon for you to be inspired by. The pictures will give us a clear idea of the look you are going for, then we can give you options based on your current hair color, hair condition and facial features and colouring.
What if I love the salon but want to try another stylist or my stylist is on holidays or sick?
Don’t be shy to ask to try someone different. We work as a team. We will not be offended or make you feel uncomfortable. We would much rather you stay at Flavr then go somewhere else. We are a diverse group and sometimes it is fun to try us all before finding your favourite Flavr.
Should I wash my hair before I come?
It is not necessary. We shampoo, condition and massage before all of our cuts and often it is easier to colour and foil the hair when it is a little dirty.
Will my price be cheaper if I don’t want a shampoo or a blowdry ?
No it won’t. Flavr prides itself in its work and therefore all our haircut prices are inclusive of a shampoo, condition, massage and blowdry . Not only will you leave looking amazing, but it is crucial that we check your haircut when it is dry and do any necessary texturizing .
What if I am having a colour but NO cut? Do I need the blowdry ?
Yes. Once again Flavr has too much pride to let you leave with unfinished hair, so it is policy that it is blowdried or ironed after the colour. The cost of your blowdry is not included in the colour price; it is extra , but at a dramatically reduced rate than our standard blowdry prices . (Please refer to our pricelist)
What if I want to stretch out my colours longer?
Talk to your Flavr stylist about moving into foils with lots of variation instead of block colours. This will grow out much more subtly and you will get longer out of your colours, even if you are grey.
I don’t like chemicals.
Flavr have an organic range available. The costing is the same as our other colours (refer to pricelist) and the results are lovely and make your hair so silky soft. Just mention to your stylist that you would like us to use the organic range. If chemicals are still a concern you also have the option of foils. In this way the color is contained in the foils, therefore, no chemicals are touching your scalp.
I feel other salons have taken advantage of me in the past.
At Flavr we encourage a great rapport between our stylists and clients. Speak openly with your stylist. We do not have big egos; we merely want to ensure that you are a satisfied client. We are more than happy to assist you in developing a more affortable hair plan should you desire, such as, alternating full head then ½ head then ¼ head , or eliminating your need for toning by adjusting your colour.
I just get used to one hairdresser then they leave.
Believe me, we do not like it either, but we have a great staff retention rate at Flavr. However, we do understand that in this industry staff need to take a break to start a family or travel or just have a break in general. Rest assured that with the quality of training we provide and how diligent we are at recording your colour histories you will be in safe hands with any other stylist within our salon. Flavr will always be honest with you if your regular stylist is sick or leaving. We pride ourselves on looking after our staff, developing a happy, creative work environment, thus earning loyalty, commitment and longevity of service from our team members . We treat our staff with the respect they deserve as we believe the happier the environment the better results.
Is there parking at your salon?

Yes. There's a driveway to the side of the salon just after the bus stop.

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